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Open Manifesto

The mask behind the mask.

A conversation between Master Legend and K.F.

{2nd of June 2009}


I believe your business card states:





How did your Master Legend superhero identity come about and why?


Yes, that’s what my business card says.


In terms of how the Master Legend superhero identity came about, initially, and for many years, I was known as Captain Midknight but later found out the name was taken. Over 20 years ago I volunteered at a youth camp for troubled kids, after a councillor asked me to do so. He knew I could relate well with the kids, since my own past was quite torturous. Because I was known to do dangerous stunts, people called me The Legend. I began teaching martial arts to the kids and they started calling me Master Legend. Later I took on this name permanently and made sure to copyright it. Added to this, I am also considered by some as a master of metaphysical arts. However, in saying all this, some people get the wrong impression. In reality, I am no one’s master, other than being master of myself.


How critical is the superhero name and costume in establishing a masked identity?


You have to start somewhere, but most superheroes call their suits uniforms. Many of us use protective armour, bullet proof vests, weapons, etc. Some suprheroes don’t wear a mask at all, but I find it important.


(The rest of this article is available, in print, in Open Manifesto #5)